Benefits of getting into Genre based Spotify playlists

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Benefits of getting into Genre based Spotify playlist

Benefits of getting into Genre based Spotify playlists

Spotify is often considered a haven for musicians and music-lovers alike. Though it might not be the first streaming service, it is definitely one of the more popular ones these days.

The reason behind such popularity is the personalized listening experience it offers to the listeners. But it is not only the listeners that benefit from Spotify. Artists also can get a decent chunk of income from the platform with the correct steps.

If you are an artist and trying to establish your career on this platform, getting your song into a genre based playlist is a good way to start. But what exactly is it, and how can it benefit you?

That is our primary focus in this article.

What is a Genre based Spotify Playlists?

Genre-based playlist means a Spotify playlist that contains songs that are only of the same genre. There may be a playlist for hard rock songs, a separate list for metal music, or even another one for pop songs.

These playlists may be independently curated or even generated through the Spotify’s new playlist filtering system. Getting your song on a matching genre-specific playlist will help you spread it among listeners with a similar taste.

Benefits of Getting into a Genre Specific Spotify Playlists

Spotify has thousands to tens of thousands of artists who each have their own genre and song style. Naturally, you as a musician also have your own genre and you want to get it out there, right?

To do that, you need people who will have a positive reaction towards your song. Think of it this way; if you write mostly acoustic pop songs, a metal-listener might not have too much interest in your song. Similarly, a hip-hop lover might not want to listen to hard rock or metal.

You want to filter out listeners so that your song reaches the right ears.

The best way to do that is through genre specific playlists. If your music is in the right playlist, most people who listen to that playlist will also react well to your song.

How to Get in to the Right Genre Based Playlist

Getting into the right playlist might take some work. Here are a few easy tips to help you get started.

1. Look for the right playlist.

Spotify has millions of playlists, and not all of them are genre specifc. You need to first understand how this system works before you can find a good playlist for your song.

Your target should be independent playlists created by music lovers or enthusiasts that have a good following in the community. Once you have your target, you need to get the contact information of the curator and pitch your song to him.

That is where your communication skill comes in handy. We have a pretty handy guide on hunting down independent curators and pitching ideas that can help you out.

2. Proper metadata and song information

When you release your songs, make sure you are using the proper metadata and tags. This would help your song get noticed by Spotify’s algorithm and getting picked up in its own playlist.

Besides, if a listener likes your song and later on tries to create his own genre-based playlist, Spotify can easily sort your song in the correct genre.

Having the proper information in your song will also make you more noticeable in the eyes of the curator. It will make your pitch more professional and improve your chances by a lot.

3. Optimize your profile

We cannot stress how important it is to optimize your artist profile on Spotify. Since it is social media, your profile is what makes you stand out.

Not only that, even listeners who are new to your music will react well if you have an excellent profile. It makes you look professional, and people take you seriously because of it.

4. Make your own playlist

You can even create your own public genre-specific playlist that includes a few of your own songs. That way, you will be able to attract listeners of the same genre and give them a taste of your music too.

Because of Spotify’s new song filtering system, making a genre-specific playlist is quite easy now. It will sort through your liked song and automatically create a playlist based on the mood and genre of the available songs.

Final Thoughts

It takes a bit of hard work to make it big in Spotify. But with a well-made strategy and game plan, you can get there slowly.

Genre-based playlists are a good tool for musicians that you can manipulate to spread your music among people with a similar taste. is a team of enthusiastic spotify playlist curators who love music, live music & breathe music.We are UK based company with an aim to re-shape your relation with spotify and grow together with confidence.We ensure better result with spotify royalty-enabled growth.

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