Spotify Playlist Pitching Campaigns

Industry's best spotify playlist submission service is a dedicated music PR company to present the best playlist pitching campaign in the indutry. We have accumulated over 800+ playlist to pitch and place your spotify music. We are one of the most reknowned spotify playlist submission PR agency in the world. Our spotify plsylist submission service comes with guarnateed result within a certain timeframe. We help music artists with guaranteed spotify playlist placement to grow their spotify streams/plays, followers & audience.

We have different plan & customization you can choose form. You can also checkout our Free spotify playlist submission section if you want to just test it out. Please note free spotify playlist submission is almost packed with tons of request everyday. So please be ready to experience 7-15 days delay before we list your track on one of our growing spotify playlist for free. Beside placement in to general playlist category you can also choose genre based spotify playlist or country based spotify playlist to get your music into. This will definitely bring dynamic result and audience growth for your spotify music.

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