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At we support indie musicians & fresh artists with every bit of our heart. We were fresh music artist once when not many people knew us. The starting is always the hard for everyone. We feel it. And that’s why we want to show our love to the community. For that we are announcing free spotify playlist submission which will ends up getting you free spotify streams, to one of our biggest network/playlist. This will kick-start your new releases by getting free spotify plays. Plus you will get a sneak-peak of our real spotify promotion channel. And you don’t to buy spotify streams or plays ever again when you shift to us. Currently due to the huge submission pressure we are only limiting 50 submission per day. And we are offering 24-36 hours of placement on our spotify playlist. To know more about free spotify playlist submission click the button below.

  • 1,000-1,250 Streams
    Spotify Followers: 85-100
    Spotify Saves: 20-30

  • Playlist Placement: Guaranteed

  • Royalty: Yes! Royalty Eligible

  • Streams Location: USA/UK/GERMANY/SWEDEN

  • Delivery Time: 3-7 Days
  • 3,750-4,000 Streams
    Spotify Followers: 250-300
    Spotify Saves: 60-80

  • Playlist Placement: Guaranteed

  • Royalty: Yes! Royalty Eligible

  • Streams Location: USA/UK/GERMANY/SWEDEN

  • Delivery Time: 8-11 Days
  • 18,500-20,000 Streams
    Spotify Followers: 500-600
    Spotify Saves: 130-160

  • Playlist Placement: Guaranteed

  • Royalty: Yes! Royalty Eligible

  • Streams Location: USA/UK/GERMANY/SWEDEN

  • Delivery Time: 14-19 Days
  • 73,500-75,000 Streams
    Spotify Followers: 1800-2000
    Spotify Saves: 300-350

  • Playlist Placement: Guaranteed

  • Royalty: Yes! Royalty Eligible

  • Streams Location: USA/UK/GERMANY/SWEDEN

  • Delivery Time: 15-25 Days
  • 148,500-150,000 Streams
    Spotify Followers: 3200-3500
    Spotify Saves: 480-500

  • Playlist Placement: Guaranteed

  • Royalty: Yes! Royalty Eligible

  • Streams Location: USA/UK/GERMANY/SWEDEN

  • Delivery Time: 35-45 Days

Spotify playlist submission

- Guaranteed placement on best playlists on spotify -

These days, promoting your music and getting heard is not as challenging as it used to be. You do not need to get noticed by scouts while playing at a pub or bar to make it big in the industry. Thanks to platforms like Spotify, you can easily make a name for yourself in the digital world. But landing a spot in a top playlist is not exactly easy. Even if your music is good, you will have a hard time earning a spot in a Spotify playlist. You need to understand the know-how of securing a spot in optimized spotify playlist. But with everything checked & ticked, you will still have a hard time to get on spotify playlists. At, we can help you secure a guaranteed position on genre based playlist.

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Spotify Playlist Pitching Process & Our Moto:

Depending on the size of the campaign you choose we will screen your submission. The screening process usually takes not more than 24 hours. Our curating team will manually go through your submission. Whether you’re doing hip hop music submissions or aiming for spotify rap playlist we will take every bit into count.

With consideration to the package you choose and the vibe/genre of your track we will choose the most suitable playlists from our tank or contact 200+ curator who are actively working with us. Finally we will secure a guaranteed position on playlists for your submission.

Our moto is to work with wide variety of music artists. We want to reshape your relation with spotify to drive crazy amount traffic from playlists. We aim to place your track to the heart of spotify algorithm. Ultimately we aim to gain substantial amount of streams, monthly listeners & audience growth through spotify playlist promotion.  

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Grow your spotify Followers, Streams, Monthly Listeners & Pre-saves upto 1000% over the time with us.

The Ultimate Playlist Pitching Service


The data driven spotify music platform is constantly changing the scenario of music industry since 2006. With ever-increasing acceptance among indie artists spotify has been the center of actions for many years now. Unlike past, the true empowerment of indie artists have been established by the growth of spotify.

But as spotify marched towards the time of glory the competition increased immensely. As mentioned on MBW, approx. 1 song per second & 60,000 tracks per day are uploaded on spotify. So when you are planning to drop your next track already you are in competition with 60,000 new releases. So it’s important to adapt different method of promotion.

Getting your Spotify tracks on genre based playlist is the best way to gain traction for your tracks. Spotify playlist submission is on the trending. is one of them leading platform to connect music artists with spotify playlist curators.

ABOUT ORGANIC PLAYLISTS is a team of enthusiastic spotify playlist curators who love music, live music & breathe music.

We are UK based company with immense knowledge on music marketing. Some of our team member is working with Spotify since its inception. One of our co-founder is a well-established music artist on spotify, iTunes & many other platform. He along with our marketing team have tried all the branches of online music marketing.

Over the years we were successful to build a solid fan base for him. At, we are not only replicating his methods. We are also adapting more new dynamic methods. We own over 148+ best playlists on spotify. We are in contract with 600+ best playlists on spotify. At, we help our customers to submit to spotify playlists of their choice.

We also council our customers to choose the best playlist on spotify.  Our goal is to achieve strong audience for our customers.







Why Spotify Playlist Submission is better: The benefits

Spotify playlist promotion is one of the dedicated method to gain audience attention. It’s a surefire way to confirm artist’s stronger presence. With a stronger playlist audience base, it is now easier to secure a kick start for your new drop. Spotify playlists are the new way people tend to find new music these days. So it’s important to get on spotify playlists to ensure kick-start for your new drop.

The Spotify Algorithm

Spotify have a very deep and dynamic inside algorithm. This algorithm help new releases to get into editorial playlist. One of the best way to send signal to the algorithm and get into editorial playlist is to get listed on as much as curated playlist. So it’s important to submit to spotify playlist when you drop a new track. It improves your chance to get into spotify editorial playlist.

Genre Based Audience

At, we have independent spotify playlist curators who curate based on different genres. Whether you are looking to get into spotify hip hop playlist or spotify rap playlist we have all kind of varieties. Genre based spotify playlist submission is a great way to gain audience within your music niche. After placing order we will place your track according to your genre.

Country Based Campaign

Country targeted campaign is important if you have plan to grow audience within locality. Country targeted spotify playlist submission is extremely helpful to get on country based spotify editorial playlists. This form of organic spotify promotion is endorsed by spotify and the finest ways to catch with spotify’s integrated deep algorithm.

Frequently Asked Question

Your every question regarding spotify playlist submission

What type of music genre you accept?

We don’t have any restriction on any type of genre. We work with over 800+ spotify playlist that cover almost every genre that exist.

How do I send my new releases for promotion?

To start feel free to drop us message via Contact Us page or select your desired package from our Spotify playlist submission services page.

Is there any limitation on the number of order you accept per month?

Yes, we have a limit on the number of track we accept per month to maintain the quality. So hurry and place your order.

How long does it take to start a campaign? What's the process?

We have 3 separate to team to process an individual order. When you place an order, on first step, our support team process your order to our curator team. Then our curator team listen to your tracks and forward your tracks to our processor team. Then our processor team place your tracks to the most fit playlist. The whole process might take upto maximum 48 hours or less.

How can you confirm the number of streams I might receive per spotify playlist campaign?

Firstly, we are not offering any specific number of streams you might receieve per campaign. We have just set an approximate number. But from our experience for over last 8 years you might receive 8%-10% more than we are promising on our packages. It’s just our experience nothing “fixed”.

What's the structure of the campaign? How long will you add my track to your playlist?

We have mentioned the amount of days your track will be added to our playlist per campaign. But if we reach our promised number of streams (+15% more) before the mentioned time we reserve the right to mark your campaign as completed.

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