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Free Spotify Playlist Submission

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Free Spotify Playlist Submission

Accepting Song For Free Spotify Playlist Submission

Are you a struggling artist? Or just want to get a glimpse of our service? Looking to get your first big break on Spotify? Well, we have great news for you.

As of today, we are taking submissions from all indie artists everywhere. Consider it our way of giving back to the community and creating a platform to help an artist. So, if you have a track that you want us to add to our Spotify playlist, send it over right away.

Why submit, you ask? Our playlists have gathered thousands of regular followers who are just dying to listen to fresh new music. This means you have an easy opportunity for you to get your music to new ears without any hassle.

We try to make things as easy as possible for new musicians. Heck, you don’t even have to worry about writing a professional email with your links or anything.

To proceed to our playlist submission form for free, there are three simple steps:

  • Follow our Spotify Playlist
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Like us on Instagram
  • That’s as easy as it can get.

Disclaimer: Due to the huge submission, we currently accept one submission per artist to facilitate as many as we can around the globe.

You can also get into guaranteed spotify playlist by visiting our 
Spotify Playlist Service page.